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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Would you like to learn the 5 time critical, life and limb saving, emergency surgical procedures that any doctor who works in an Emergency Department should know?

· Pleural decompression by Finger Thoracotomy   extending to Emergency or  Resuscitative Thoracotomy, including pericardial decompression.


· Emergency Craniotomy 


· Orbital decompression by Emergency Canthotomy and Cantholysis


· Peri-Mortem C Section


· Emergency Cricothyroidotomy



The first successful ‘prehospital’ thoracotomy and cardiac repair was carried out by Hill on a kitchen table in Montgomery, Alabama in 1902.


If Hill can do it - so can you!

Venue: University of Queensland

Anatomy Laboratory

St Lucia, Brisbane


Time: 0800 - 1500


Cost: $3,500


Accredited with ACEM and ACRRM for CPD

Eligible for the Rural Procedural Grant

Tuesday 15th May 2108


Venue: Byron Central Hospital


Hands on, time critical cases that will could come through the door on your next shift.

What is the key purpose of the workshop?

This is an exciting opportunity to gain practical, hands on experience, in a team environment, in order to improve skills in the Emergency Department


  • 4 skills workshops and 4 simulation scenarios

  • Cardiogenic Shock Management

  • Sepsis Shock

  • Traumatic Shock

  • Obstetric Shock

  • Detection of the Critically ill adult/child patient

  • Neopuff / Rhythm recognition / Defibrillator

  • Crisis Resource Management

  • Local health service protocols & guidelines

  • Contacting Tweed FACEMs for help

  • Time critical transfer

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    "The EMET training has been of huge benefit to me in my role as a VMO in the ED. The scenarios take me out of my comfort zone and are a great opportunity to practice what actually happens in reality. I have noticed that at work I feel much more confident and importantly the team work with the nurses runs a lot more efficiently. It is a great initiative and I am very grateful."    Dr Arne Rubinstein


    “I've never enjoyed an educational event more than the Sim course yesterday. I thought the scenarios were highly relevant and the atmosphere excellent!”
    Bronwen Griffiths RN


    “Really valuable stuff and heaps of fun!”
    Dr Bronwyn Hudson
    “Great training last week - always get so much out of it. In fact, I want to do it again (and again) :-)Thanks”
    “I have learnt heaps! Love the high energy and enthusiasm of your workshops”