PEMSIM prereading


  • Please find below the User Registration Security Code to enable you to access the prereading site at the following link.


First, click on the link.


User Registration Security Code: eromde3147


It is important that each user have their own log in details, (i.e email address and password) for tracking of lesson completion. Please do not share your log in details with anyone else.


Step 1. In the New User Registration section in the centre of the page, enter your email address in the Email Address field.

Step 2. Copy and paste the security code above into the security code field then click Submit.

Step 3. On the User Email Address Confirmation screen, re-enter your email address then click Confirm.

Step 4. On the New User Registration screen, enter your details including a personal password, then click Next.

Step 5. Enter remaining details, then click Register.

Step 6. In the Existing User Login section, enter your email address and personal password to login.


To login again next time, repeat step 6 only. Please complete both the Resus4Kids module and DETECT Junior module. When these are completed, print certificates and bring to PEMSIM workshop.


You will find the DETECT Manual in the DETECT Junior module – please download and read.



  • Please click on the following link and watch the short video on using the paediatric RSI checklist.



  • Please click on the following link and watch the short video on using the Neopuff.